Papers in parallel sessions

Parallel sessions I

Universities as National and Trans-National Institutions (part 1/3)
• Prof. Laszlo Szögi, ELTE University Library, Hungary: Initial Stages of State
Educational Policy in the Years of Enlightened Absolutism

• Steffen Hölscher (MA), Göttingen University, Germany: University and State
Building. Halle, Göttingen and the Dynamics of Power in the 18th Century

• Assistant Prof. Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen, University of Southern Denmark: University
policy and the rise of the nation-state: the Treaty of Tsarskoe Selo and its long-term

Universities between Disciplinarity and Trans-Disciplinarity (part 1/3)
• Du Weihua (MA), Humboldt University, Germany: A University of Göttingen–
Halle on the Spree? To the Study and Career Places of the First 25 Professors at the
University of Berlin 1810

• Hanna Östholm (PhD), Uppsala University, Sweden: The Myth of Academic

The Uses of University History (part 1/2)
• Assistant Prof. Pieter Dhont, Ghent university, Belgium: University jubilees: a multi-
layered way of writing the history of the celebrating institution

• Johan Östling (PhD), Lund University, Sweden: The Return of Humboldt: The Idea of
the University in the Wake of the Second World War

Student Identities, Gender, Minorities (part 1/2)
• Lilja Schopka-Brasch (PhD), Hamburg University, Germany: Rethinking Women's
Place at University - the Universities in Oslo and Hamburg 1919-1939

• Jorunn Sem Fure (PhD), University of Oslo, Norway: Student culture, academic elites and strategies of democratisation of higher education  - 1900-1940


Parallel sessions II

Universities under Totalitarian Regimes (part 1/2)
• Nadine Kopp (PhD), Freiburg University, Germany: The medical Faculty of the
Freiburg University and its Public Relations. Self-image, Self-expression and
Interaction (1945-1951)

• Marie-Luise Bott (PhD), Humboldt University, Germany: The aspect of Longue Durée
in the History of Philologies under Dictatorship. The Example of Berlin 1933-1989.

Universities as National and Trans-National Institutions (part 2/3)
• Prof. Daniela Novarese, Università degli Studi di Messina, Italy: From the manifold
Academiae in the various States before Unification, to a "National” University:
Models, projects and possible solutions in the Italian experience.

• Prof. Abdul Nasser Kaadan, Aleppo university, Syria: The Ottoman Medical School
until the Medical College of Damascus University

• Heather Ellis (PhD) Humboldt University, Germany: British Universities, Scholarly Networks and Transnationality, 1870-1930

Universities between Disciplinarity and Trans-Disciplinarity (part 2/3)
• Prof. Henrik Björck, Gothenburg University, Sweden: A Hat-Parade through the
History of Science: The Formation of Graduate Education as Institution and Policy-
Area in Sweden, 1870–1969

• Tomás Irish (MA), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland: The Mobilization of Knowledge
and Disciplinary Reorganization: Allied Universities and Academic Networks, 1914 –

• Prof. Edgeir Benum, University of Oslo, Norway: The Building of Scientific
Networks, and their Uses for Non-scientific Purposes. The Case of Structural
Chemistry in Oslo

The Uses of University History (part 2/2)
• Prof. Laura Kolbe, Helsinki University, Finland: Universities, Identities and Power of
Place: 21st Century University Branding at the Baltic Sea Area

• Jorrit De Boer (MA), University of Twente, the Netherlands: Governance and the Uses
of History at the University of Twente

• Vidar Grøtta (MA), University of Oslo, Norway: An Inside Job? The Problem of
Reflexivity in University History and Higher Education Studies

Student Identities, Gender, Minorities (part 2/2)
• Anders Ahlbäck (PhD), Laura Hollsten (PhD), and Henry Nygård (PhD), Åbo
Akademi University, Finland: Laying out the history of a language minority
university: Åbo Akademi University 1918-2018

• Eirinn Larsen (PhD), Norwegian Business School/University of Oslo, Norway: From
Lofty Ideals to Public Cash Machines: The Changing Perceptions of Foreign Students
in the Nordic Countries and the Odd Case of Norway

Pelle Oliver Larsen (PhD) Aarhus Universitet, Denmark: Women and Wissenschaft. Gendered career opportunities at the University of Copenhagen, 1875-1925

Parallel sessions III

Universities as National and Trans-National Institutions (part 3/3)
• Jesper Eckhardt Larsen (PhD), Danish School of Education, Denmark: Points,
Challenges and Pitfalls of Comparing – A Critical Evaluation of the Comparative
Approach to University Studies

• Daniel Weinbren (PhD), The Open University, United Kingdom: The Disruptive
Liberalism of The Open University (UK)

• Associate Prof. Stavros Moutsios, Aarhus University, Denmark:Undoing the European University: The Bologna Process

• Kim Helsvig (PhD), University of Oslo, Norway: "Et nos petimus astra": The
University of Oslo in Search of Excellence

Universities between Disciplinarity and Trans-Disciplinarity (part 3/3)
• Fredrik W. Thue (PhD), University of Oslo, Norway: The Post-War Transformation of
the University: a Perspective from the Academic “Life-World”

• Associate Prof. Peder Anker, New York University, USA: Science as a Vacation: A
History of Ecology in Norway

Universities under Totalitarian Regimes (part 2/2)
• Petr Svobodný (PhD), Charles University, Czech Republic: November 17, 1939
and 1989: Czech University Students Under Totalitarian Regimes in Contemporary
Historiography and Culture of Remembrance

• Aleksandra Witczak Haugstad (PhD), University of Oslo, Norway: Experiments in
Minimal Autonomy – Social Sciences in the Soviet Block

• Vesa Vares (PhD), University of Turku, Finland: Nordic “Liberal” Universities seen
from the Totalitarian Viewpoint

Universities and the Public Sphere (part 1/1)
• Sita Steckel (PhD), Harvard and Münster University, USA/Germany: Secrets,
scandals and new media: The role of conflict and public debate in the formation of the
Medieval university of Paris

• Henk J. van Rinsum (PhD), Utrecht University, the Netherlands: Magistrates,
Professors and Church leaders in the early history of Utrecht University 1636-1676:
contesting values

• Johannes Løvhaug (MA), University of Oslo, Norway: The University of Oslo and the
Public Sphere

• Prof. Ragnvald Kalleberg, University of Oslo, Norway: Do contemporary universities
also have cultural and democratic obligations?

Classic University Models and New Social Demands (part 1/1)
• Wolfram Kändler (PhD), Univ. of Giessen, Germany: Wanting in. The Rise of
Germany’s Technische Hochschulen to University Status

• Jon R. Kyllingstad (PhD), University of Oslo, Norway: The University of Kristiania and the Norwegian scientific ”landscape” 1870-1910

• Prof. Lyse Roy, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada: New Universities: Old Topic, New Perspectives
• Prof. Sverker Sörlin and Assistant Professor Nina Wormbs, KTH Royal Institute of
Technology, Sweden: KTH and the Formation of Swedish Innovation Systems, 1920 to 1980  

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