The FCH aims to advance interpretation and understanding of our own times through an historical and comparative analysis of political and societal changes that have taken place during the last three to four decades. The focus of research is on the period 1970-2000, but we will also investigate the foundations of post-war political and cultural paradigms extending backwards to 1900.


We approach the topic through a multidimensional economic, social, and political historical analysis, which is supplemented with contemporary sources collected through the Oral History project. As the study of history is rooted in both a humanist and social science tradition, FCH aims at close dialogue with researchers within related fields of the humanities and the social sciences. Through exchange of researchers and graduate students and by developing joint projects, FCH co-operates with other centres of contemporary history and the United States .

Research is divided into seven thematic subprojects:


Published Apr. 14, 2011 1:37 PM