Between Image and Text: The Early Medieval ‘Iconology’ of Graphic Representational Signs

International Conference


The issue of visual communication in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages has been until recently dominated by the juxtaposition of figural imagery (visualcy) and literacy. But recent research suggests that this clear-cut dichotomy is somewhat questionable if we look at various intermediary forms, and most significantly, non-figural graphic representational signs appearing and developing in the late antique world and early medieval Europe. Their increasing role in a wide range of media has never been addressed comprehensively by scholars dealing with these periods of Mediterranean and European history across various disciplines. This international conference is intended as an interdisciplinary forum aiming to discuss whether or not some culturally specific principles of graphic composition can be discerned behind this rising corpus of graphic evidence, and whether or not such principles vary considerably in different Mediterranean and European regions and different time frames between c. 300 to c. 1000 AD.

Registration and Accommodation

For speakers, registration is waived, and accommodation is provided for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights (from 25th to 27th September).

Non-speaking delegates are welcome to register, but will need to book their own accommodation.  Registration fee is 900 NOK (regular) or 700 (graduate students), and includes lunch and coffee breaks during the conference.

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Prof. Ildar Garipzanov and Dr Romy Wyche
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