Symposium 15.-17 October 2014

The Bygland shrine, KHM C.6113

Archaeology of the Object: Conservation, Material Culture and the Creation of Historical Knowledge for Pre-Reformation Church Inventories

The symposium marked the official launch of the three-year project, ‘After the Black Death: Painting and Polychrome Sculpture in Norway’, which is supported by the Norwegian Research Council, 2014‒2017. The project is led by Noëlle Streeton and Tine Frøysaker in Conservation Studies, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History at the University of Oslo (UiO).

‘Archaeology of the Object’ brought together the project network for the first time to consider individual and joint methodological approaches to the collection of late-medieval church art owned by the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo. The symposium highlighted the intersections between conservation research, archaeometry, historical research and material culture studies, with the aim to clarify how researchers grapple with physical data from cultural objects that have been assigned a range of values over time.


Presentation abstracts (PDF)



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