Project organization and partners

The Norwegian Naxos Survey has its offspring in a permission granted by Greek Authorities, to conduct research at the site of Kastro Apalirou on Naxos.  The first initiative was taken by Knut Ødegård in 2006, under the aegis of the Norwegian Institute at Athens. In 2009 discussions of a possible collaboration between the Institute of Archaeology, Conservation and History (IAKH) and the Museum of Cultural History (KHM), both University of Oslo (UiO) were initiated, and a small group was ready to begin the first survey of the site in 2010. The survey continued in 2011, and will end the first documentation of the site in 2012.

Fieldwork 2010-12:

Associate Professor Knut Ødegård, IAKH; Archaeologist David Hill; Associate Professor Håkon Ingvaldsen, KHM.
The fieldwork from 2010-12 was made possible through financial support by IAKH and KHM, UiO and the Norwegian Institute at Athens.


The project depends heavily on cooperation with Greek authorities and academic institutions. First and foremost The 2nd Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities , The Norwegian Institute at Athens  and the Municipality of Naxos and Lesser Cyclades.

Published June 2, 2012 4:11 PM