Nordic Communism 1917-1990 (completed)

About the project

The research project Nordic Communism 1917-1990, which started in January 2002, involves scholars from all the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The purpose of the project is to stimulate research about the history of communism in the Nordic countries in a comparative perspective. A final aim is to publish in English a comprehensive, comparative survey of the history of Nordic communism, including its relation to the broader international communist movement. 

The project is lead by a committee consisting of members from each of the Nordic countries. Project leader is professor Åsmund Egge at the Department of History at the University of Oslo.


The project is supported by Nordiska samarbetsnämnden för humanistisk forskning (NOS-H) - a joint committee formed by the Councils for research in the humanities and social sciences in the Nordic countries, with the purpose of funding research projects in the humanities. 

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  • Åsmund Egge
  • Terje Halvorsen
  • Sven G. Holtsmark
  • Ole Martin Rønning
  • Morten Thing
  • Knud Holt
  • Lars Jepsen
  • Svend Rybner
  • Kimmo Rentola
  • Elina Katainen
  • Joni Krekola
  • Tauno Saarela
  • Jon Olafsson
  • Thorleifur Fridriksson
  • Ragnheidur Kristjansdottir
  • Lars Bjørlin
Detailed list of participants