Time and Temporality in the Viking Age

The conference program and abstracts are now available.

Conference program and abstracts

Full conference program (pdf).

Abstracts (pdf).

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The deadline to register for conference participation was 17.01.2018.

About the conference

The conference will be the first event structured around the research project Using the Past in the Past. Viking Age Scandinavia as a Renaissance? 

The project is aimed at exploring how and why the past was utilized in Viking Age Scandiavia. Compared to earlier periods of prehistory, the accentuation of the past increased significantly in the Viking Age. In the Carolingian Renaissance, the Christian Roman Empire of the 4th century AD was used as an ideal and referential point. In contrast, the Viking Age, an oral and not a written society, did not use a single period but rediscovered and referenced multiple pasts, either materially or referentially, through material culture.

We hope that by inviting a broad spectrum of scholars working with similar questions, the conference will generate engaging debates. This can form the foundations for the establishment of an international forum for researchers who work with the physical manifestations and theoretical perspectives of the Viking Age, and how these relate to varying concepts of time and temporality in contemporary archaeological thought.

Call for papers

Full description of our call for papers (pdf).

The deadline for abstract submissions was 20.12.2017.

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