A busy day

Today we not only focused on the documentation of the borders and testing, but we had an excursion to the Rød mansion and prepared for Open Day on Sunday.

We started with the excursion to the Rød Manor, located on the outskirts of Halden. Our wonderful guide Kristin Søhoel guided us through the fascinating story of the well-preserved mansion. It is mentioned in official papers as early as the later part of the 1500s, and has been the home of the Tank and the Anker families since the early 18th century. These wealthy families had accumulated a collection of beautiful furniture, portrait paintings, weapon collection, hunting trophies and an impressive taxidermy collection. Our students found the library with its rare and peculiar collection especially interesting. The oldest book was a Danish printed Bible from 1582, but the old cook books, gardening books and poetry also caught our eye. The Polish students were captivated by the beautiful view from the windows, overlooking the baroque garden and the sea.

Fig. 1 Entrance hall of Rød Manor.


A portrait of Anette Beate von Wackenitz, the wife of Niels Anker(1763-1809) and a famous actress at  the time, was situated in the children’s bedroom. Since she lived until the 1850s, it is likely that she visited or even acted in Fredrikhald’s Theatre alongside the scenery we are working on today! Then, of course, it would have been in its original state, as a spruce or pine forest.

Back at the store, we spent the rest of the day doing pH-testing, thread counts and tests on canvas strength. The teacher Elzbieta demonstrated two different approaches to water stain removal using sepiolite and an azeotropic mixture of water and isopropanol.  Later we even got to practice how to use the airbrush, which we will use for consolidation of the paint layers. At the end of the day we prepared the storage facility for the Open Day this Sunday. The borders had to be moved and the working stations were cleaned to accommodate the public.


Fig. 2 Demonstration of stain removal with sepiolite.

There are many great opportunities to explore in the Halden area. Already on Sunday September 10th, the Cultural Heritage day, Rød manor is arranging two special tours- one on the influential women of the manor, and one on the library’s collection.

By Carina Marie Moen
Published Aug. 14, 2017 4:47 PM - Last modified Aug. 14, 2017 4:47 PM