Challenge accepted!

Today, we met a series of challenges, but none of them too big to overcome.

Mapping the tree.



All the groups worked on getting good photographs of their objects, and all of us had to deal with different technical issues. We have had to battle with white balance settings on the cameras, printing issues, and unphotogenic trees. Luckily, our technical guru Maren helped out so that all settings were set and prints were printed.

For logistical reasons the border needs to be moved from the floor to the stage, and the original plan was to move it hanging from its batten. However, this would cause too much paint loss because of the amount of flaking paint on the canvas. Therefore the border needs to be moved lying down horizontally. So, we are now fashioning a stretcher with wood from an old storage box in order to move the border safely. Because of the amount of flaking, some consolidation is needed before moving the border. We used a solution of 2% methyl cellulose in water and applied the consolidant by brush through Japanese tissue paper on a few  of the most acute areas. Tomorrow, when the glue has dried, we will see if this is a viable solution or if it causes darkening of the colours.

Overall it has been a very exciting and educational day, where we have - as we say in Norway - taken all challenges on a straight arm.


Preparing the border for the move.

By Helle Hallingskog-Hujala and Maj Hauge
Published Aug. 1, 2018 10:41 AM - Last modified Aug. 1, 2018 10:41 AM