Rød Manor and spray consolidation

Today was quite an interesting and full packed day.

At Rød Manor

We started with visiting the Red Manor Museum in Halden. Our guide introduced us to the history of the building and the families who were living here for many years. We saw original historical interiors and rooms full of furniture, textiles, chandeliers and other beautiful and luxurious items.

At coffee time we ate some typical Norwegian sweet snack – waffles. Eating them with sweet brown cheese was a big surprise for our international friends.

After such a nice morning we went back to work. There were so many tasks to do before the weekend! We already did the dry cleaning of border-001 and now we started with the consolidation. It is a very important process, because it will improve the condition of the paint layer and it will make it last longer.

Before we started the application of the consolidant, the canvas was fastened to the ethafoam underneath using pins. This was done to avoid shrinkage and uncontrolled deformation of the canvas when wetting it during consolidation. To ensure that the consolidation was applied in a thin and even layer the airbrush was used.  

We finished our workday with preparations for the open day on Sunday 5th of August. It will take place in our workshop at Nils Ankers Gate 4 and is from 12 to 14. We think it is a great idea to show the work of art conservators and give the public a look.

We hope we will meet you there! Dere er hjertelig velkommen!  Serdecznie zapraszamy! Wir läden Sie ein!


Pinning of the canvas to the ethafoam

By Martyna Wężowska and Magdalena Geborys
Published Aug. 4, 2018 5:24 PM - Last modified Aug. 4, 2018 5:27 PM