The first day of the 2018 Halden Summer School

Monday July 30

Summer school, finally, here we are. The day was filled with a lot of information. The students arrived yesterday and like last year the group consists of people from the Nicolaus Copernicus University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Torun, the Technische Hochschule of Technology and Art Sciences in Cologne and the University of Oslo, Institute of Archaeology, Conservation and History.


Today started with a tour of Fredrikshald Teater by Inger Nybøle. It is from this theatre  the scenery sets, that we are conserving, originate from. Afterwards, we gathered at the storage facility where we finally got to see the scenery set it all will be about these next two weeks. We will continue working on the same set as the students from the previous years, known as the wood. Before we started examining the objects the project leader, Douwtje van der Meulen, took us through what the previous summer schools have done, and introduced us to a very important part of the conservation work, the documentation protocol. Then the conservation process could begin.


This year we will be putting the final touches on two borders, which students from last year’s summer school worked on. We will also conserve the fourth border, two stand-alone trees and a hut with a functioning door.


Because of the tour at Fredrikshald teater and the preparation of the workstations we barely had time for our objects today. Therefore, we are very excited to continue our work tomorrow!

By Einar Bache and Sofie Fallmyr
Published July 31, 2018 9:06 AM - Last modified July 31, 2018 9:09 AM