Visit to Orød gård

Today, work went on as it has the past week and a half. Group one mended tears and started testing what method was best for removing water stains. Group two weaved loose threads back into the canvas along the edges and also tested water stain removal methods. Group three glued flaking pieces of bark back onto the wood on the back of the tree and consolidated split ends of the cardboard. They also weaved loose threads back into the canvas of the border and consolidated one more time. The really special thing about this day was that after we were finished at the workshop we got guests for dinner.

Weaving threads back into the border edge

The guests were Tor Øvrebø and Anne Håbu, who six years ago bought a local farm from around 1850 and have conserved and rebuilt it since. After dinner we had the privilege of being invited to their farm for a private tour ended by some coffee and tea. The house used to be a “lystgård” or a summer house with a large garden and a small barn. Tor and Anne have tried to keep within the time frame from around 1850 to the early 1900s. New material has been added where necessary, but some places it was possible to keep the original material. The interior of the house was amongst others found in antiquity shops, bought used or gifted. The aspiring conservators were, too put it mildly, overwhelmed at the possibility of living in such a house and at all the work Tor and Anne have put into it. The term “conservagasm” was used. Tea and coffee was served in the living room and everyone got to ask Tor and Anne about the house. We had a lot in common since Anne also is a conservator working at the Cultural History Museum in Oslo. The visit to Orød gård was very exciting and pleasant, but it had been a long day and the students eventually started to yawn. We called it a night and went back to our little house at the top of Fredriksten festning and dreamt about chandeliers and flower wallpaper.


In front of Orød gård with Anne Håbu


By Sofie Rydså Fallmyr and Martyna Wezowska
Published Aug. 8, 2018 9:58 PM - Last modified Aug. 8, 2018 9:58 PM