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Applying for funds related to student and program activities at IAKH

Each year the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History sets aside funds for activities related to our programmes. Additionally, students following our master’s programmes can apply for funding to cover individual expenses related to their master’s thesis.

Student and program activities

Funding student activities

Funds related to student activities are governed by the students committees in Archeology, Conservation and History. The funds can be made available for initiatives that strengthen the social bonds between the students, and which contributes to an inclusive learning environment. As a rule, the events should be open to all students in a study programme or field of study. Funds for student activities will not be made available for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. Neither at the reception week, candidate markings or other student events. Funds for student activities also covers the operation of student journals at IAKH.

Examples of events:

Guest lectures, the graduation ceremony for master students, events related to the semester start and quizzes.

If you have an idea for a student activity, please contact your committee.

Funding program activities

The department allocates funds for program activities related to all the study programmes at IAKH. These funds are directed by the programme leaders and the academic staff, and can be made available for a variety of initiatives including academic events, excursions and start of studies activities. The purpose of the programme activities are to strengthen the academic ties between the academic staff and the students, beyond the ordinary teaching. The programme leaders in consultation with the programme councils, decides how these funds will be allocated.

Support for expenses related to the completion of the master's thesis (travel support)

We are currently updating our guidelines for travel support, so the application form is temporarily closed. It will be re-opnened during week 9, 2022. 

Master students at IAKH can apply for funds to cover expenses necessary to complete their master's thesis. Reasons for applying can be costs for laboratory analyzes, support for archive journeys or other trips that are essential for the completion of the master's thesis.

The maximum amount you can receive in support is NOK 10 000, -.

Regarding travels abroad autumn 2021: The department will fund travels abroad given that the student:

  • Is aware of the potential perils, and travel at their own risk
  • Follows the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s travel advice
  • Makes sure to have valid travel insurances


The following guidelines apply for travels:

- All transport costs are covered if students choose the most affordable way to travel.

- The Department also confers a supplement for living costs, up to NOK 500 per day for up to 10 days. This supplement is not provided in case of private accommodation.

The travel allowance and the supplement will be paid after your travel based on receipts from the trip. The department cannot provide advance payments for travels. NB! Application for travel support must be submitted and processed before the journey is completed. Applications for funds for completed travels will not be processed.

For travelers who are granted the application, it is important to keep the following receipts:

- Tickets that show that the trip is paid

- Boarding cards

- Receipts from trains, busses and other means of transport

- Receipts for paid accommodation at hotels/guest houses

Mandatory registration of the trip

Anyone who receives travel support and travels outside of Norway must notify the Department at least two weeks before departure with details of where they will travel, as well as the time of departure and return. This information is given to the same persons who received the application.

NB! This is a prerequisite for travel support.

We also ask everyone who is travelling outside of Norway to read UiO's Safe abroad.

How to apply:

The application must indicate when you plan to travel, the purpose for which support is applied for and why this is important for the thesis. In addition, a (simple) budget must be attached to the application. Finally, the student’s supervisor should recommend the application. The supervisor reviews the application and signs if he / she recommends the application, the student then signs and submits the application to:

Archeology and Conservation: Helena Neumann

History and Modern International and Transnational History: Yngvild Storli

Application form for travel support. 

Application form for travel support MITRA4450 - History Project

Application deadlines for travel support / funds for the completion of the Master's thesis:

Spring semester: 15 February and 15 May

Autumn semester: 15 September and 15 November

Application deadlines for travel support / funds for the completion of MITRA4450 - History Project: 

Spring semester: June 15

Autumn semester: August 30

Receiving payment:

Payment is made after the trip/activity has been completed, and is based on the refund form/travel bill. The completed form must be submitted together with all the original receipts.

The receipts must indicate that all expenses have been paid for.

Contact Tarjei Solberg after finishing the trip for assistance with refund and/or travel bill.

Deadlines for payments:

Students who complete the trip/activity during the period 5 January to 15 November must submit their refund form/travel bill by 25 November of the same year.

Students who complete the trip/activity during the period 15 November to 30 December must submit their refund form/travel bill by 5 January the following year.

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