AVLYST! Minnesota Archaeology

AVLYST som tiltak for å hindre smitte av koronaviruset. Fredagsseminar med Scott Anfinson, University of Minnesota. Anfinson er for tiden gjesteforsker på IAKH gjennom et Fulbright stipend hvor han skal forske på kulturminneforvaltning. I dette fredagsseminaret rettes fokus mot kulturminneforvaltning i Minnesota.

Abstract: The talk will outline the history and research objectives of archaeology in the state of Minnesota. Archaeological research began with late 19th century avocational interest in determining who built the thousands of burial mounds. This mound focus continued with early professionals in the first half of the 20th century. In the 1960s, research turned to determining prehistoric lifeways, explaining cultural changes, and providing an absolute chronology. Coincidental with the rise of the “new” archaeology was the rise of historical archaeology and cultural resources management (CRM). CRM was in response to national environmental protection laws. It expanded archaeology outside of universities and museums, and resulted in public agency and private contract archaeology eventually dominating employment and funding. While it has helped save thousands of sites, CRM has also had detrimental effects such as limited publication. Recently, the state of Minnesota has somewhat reversed this trend by funding a major research initiative, the Statewide Survey of Historical and Archaeological Sites.

Publisert 3. feb. 2020 10:14 - Sist endret 11. mars 2020 14:40