Grave goods: objects and death in later prehistoric Britain

Seminar with Dr. Melanie Giles, senior lecturer at the University of Manchester

gull, forhistorisk smykke, gullkappe, britisk bronsealder

Photo: Melanie Giles.

This paper presents some of the results and ideas arising from a major research project into what people buried with their dead in prehistoric Britain. It explores the major patterns in contrastive regions, and patterns in the kinds of things given to the dead during major periods of technological as as well as social transformation. Exploring themes of personhood, object itineraries and materiality, it will also explore how grave goods can help us explore aspects of temporality and mobility. Whilst grave goods have often been seen as an index of wealth and power, we will temper this model with understandings of more subtle aspects of care shown to the dead by the living, and how ‘things’ were used to navigate death and loss in prehistory.

This spring the seminars make up a series titled Permanent Transience: Heritage, Memory and Forgetting.

The seminar will also be livestreamed on Zoom:

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