Nordic Travels WEBINAR

In this conference, scholars hailing from Norway, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom will discuss the representation of the Nordic region in travel writing.

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Exploring factual and fictional journeys through text, image and objects from the early nineteenth century until today, the conference aims to provide critical perspectives on established notions of "the Nordic".

The conference is funded by UiO:Norden and The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

Practical information: 

Due to the current situation the conference will be open physically only to those giving papers. However, it will be possible to follow the conference by live stream, or to join by Zoom, thus being able to participate in the debates.

If you wish to join by Zoom, please go to this page to register.  

The live stream will be made available on The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters's website. 

If you have any practical queries, please contact Gro Havelin at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters:  


Thursday 12 November

09:45 Registration

10:00 Janicke S. Kaasa, Ulrike Spring and Jakob Lothe (University of Oslo): Introduction

10:15 Heidi Hansson (University of Umeå): Fredrika Bremer Goes North: Travel as Fiction and Experience in Some Mid-Nineteenth-Century Works (via Zoom)

10:45 Ulrike Spring (University of Oslo): Taking the North back home: Souvenirs around 1900

11:15 Break 

11:45 Alexandre Simon-Ekeland (University of Oslo): Fascinated Disgust: French Travellers and Whale Hunting in Northern Norway 1860–1914

12:15 Torild Gjesvik (Oslo): Knud Knudsen: A Travelling Photographer in Nineteenth-Century Norway

12:45 Andrew Newby (Unversity of Helsinki): My peregrinations in Old Norway” – Robert Wilson’s Norwegian Tour (1830) (via Zoom)

13:15 Lunch

14:00 Kjersti Bale (University of Oslo): Travelling among Contemporary Ruins: Essayistic Self-fashioning in Marit Eikemo’s Samtidsruinar

14:30 Ellen Mortensen (University of Bergen): Trans-Atlantic Travels in Stories and Letters: Edvard Hoem’s Norwegian-American Family Chronicle

15.00 Janicke S. Kaasa (University of Oslo): Léonie d’Aunet’s Voyage d’une femme au Spitzberg (and its Norwegian translation) 


Friday 13 November

10:00 Elettra Carbone (University College London): Representations of Italy in Nordic Literature from the 1830s to the 1910s (via Zoom)

10:30 Anders Johansen (University of Bergen): Nansen as Ethnographer: Travelling in Time, Encountering Contemporaries
11:00 Peter Fjågesund (University of Southern Norway): Nordic Stereotypes: A Critical Examination of the Traveller's Gaze (via Zoom)                                                                                    

11:30 Break

12:00 Tyrone Martinsson (University of Gothenburg): Jan Troell’s Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd (1982), Related to Andrée’s Balloon Expedition in 1897 and to Per Olof Sundman’s Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd (1967) (via Zoom)

12:30 Jakob Lothe (University of Oslo): To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive”: Cecil Slingsby’s Norway: The Northern Playground (1904)

13:00 Iver Tangen Stensrud (NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Europe is becoming dreadfully used up. Traveling images of Norway in the nineteenth-century illustrated press

13:30 Lunch

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