Daniel Maul er ny førsteamanuensis i samtidshistorie

Maul tok doktorgraden på The International Labour Organization (ILO) ved LMU München, og er opptatt av global og transnasjonal samtidshistorie. Maul presenterer seg på engelsk.

Daniel Maul (foto: privat)


Having been born and raised in the beautiful South German city of Nürnberg I studied history in Bremen, Bologna and at Ludwig-Maximilians-University  München, where I graduated  in 2000. I received a Ph.D. (2006) from LMU München for a dissertation on the role of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in the period of decolonization (1940 to 1970).

After a short non-academic intermezzo I worked for seven years, from 2008 to 2014, at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, from 2010 onwards as a Dilthey-Fellow of the German Volkswagen Foundation.  

Before coming to Oslo I have worked (from 2014) as an Assistant Professor for Social and Economic History at Aarhus University. My relationships with the University of Oslo and the IAKH have a longer history though:  I was lucky enough to spend the spring and summer of 2010 at the IAKH with an Yggdrasil grant from the Norwegian Research Council and I had the great privilege to participate in the Oslo Contemporary International History Network (2010-2012).

Research interests

My research interests are mainly located in the areas of international and global/transnational history of the twentieth century. Currently I have been pursuing two major research projects: One of them is concerned with the origins and mechanisms as well as the discourses surrounding the emergence of international humanitarian aid from the late 19thcentury onwards.

My interest in this field departs from some basic questions:

  • Why do people help other people across national boundaries?
  • How do political, cultural, socio-economic or religious currents and interests factor in?
  • In how far does the development of an ever growing aid sector reflect processes of globalization and entanglement?

These considerations inform my current book project dealing with American Quaker’s relief during the first half of the twentieth century.

On the other hand I have recently given renewed attention to a longer-standing research focus of mine, which has been in the history of international organizations, in particular the International Labour Organization (ILO). On the occasion of the ILO’s looming 100th anniversary (2019) I am working - in cooperation with the organization’s own Century Project on a “biography” of the ILO from its beginnings to the present day.

This work will form the center, around which I aim to develop during the coming years and in cooperation with others in and outside of UiO, a research project on concepts and practices of “Global Social Policy”, extending my research interests into areas like development, population policies or social human rights.

Av Ellen Evju Jahr
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