Sita Steckel er ny førsteamanuensis II i historie

Steckel har bakgrunn fra Harvard i USA og Münster i Tyskland, og skal blant annet arbeide med kunnskapshistorie i middelalderen ved IAKH. Hun presenterer seg på engelsk.

Sita Steckel (Foto: privat)

I received my doctorate in Medieval history in 2006 from the University of Munich. In the years that followed, I worked at the University of Muenster, first at the Historical Seminar, then at the Research centre "Religion and Politics in Pre-modern and Modern Cultures".

After a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University in 2010/11, I obtained a research grant from the German Volkswagen Foundation which allowed me to move back to the University of Muenster as a Junior Professor in 2012.

My area of interest is the history of Latin Christianity. My dissertation dealt with networks of scholars and their role as religious experts in the early and high Middle Ages, and I continued to be interested in medieval scholarly culture. I am currently also working on conflict culture of the high and late medieval Latin church, especially the role of intra-ecclesiastical religious polemics for the shaping of religious identities. A book project concerns the highly visible clashes between the secular clergy and the mendicant orders in thirteenth- and fourteenth-century Western Europe.

During my appointment at the University of Oslo, I will cooperate with colleagues in the areas of history of knowledge and in research focusing on conflict culture and social and political networks.

Av Olaf Christensen
Publisert 20. apr. 2016 13:29