Oslo Contemporary International History Network

The Oslo Contemporary International History Network (OCIHN) was a three year long project funded by the Norwegian Research Council. It brought together early-career researchers with established scholars in their fields. The network had three main objectives. It soght to to stimulate reflections upon the subject of contemporary international history and increase our understanding of important historical processes of the twentieth century. It aimed at supporting the publishing activities of the early-career scholars. And finally, it aimed at further qualifying women to academic careers. The network will be discontinued after the final report has been submitted in June 2013.

The main activity of the network has been its annual conferences. In August 2010, the network met to its first conference 'International Organizations and Institutions: Past Experiences and Future Prospects' in Oslo. In August 2011, the network met in Trondheim to the conference 'Age of Extremes: Economic Stability and Crises in the Twentieth Century'. In August 2012, the network met in Bergen to its final conference 'The Civilizer of Nations? International Norms in the Twentieth Century History'.

The seminars have had open sessions with general discussions, and closed working sessions where we have discussed draft articles or book chapters presented by the early career researchers. Pod casts of the plenary sessions are linked from the seminar programs.

More than twenty manuscripts have been discussed at each of the three annual conferences. For publication results, please follow the link 'publications' to the left.

OCIHN was established in order to meet some of the criticisms of the report commissioned by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) which evaluated the quality of historical research carried out at Norway’s four main universities and four of the university colleges. The project was funded by the RCN. More about the network and the RCN evaluation report.  



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