Circulation of Knowledge – Explorations in the History of Knowledge

Professor Erling Sandmo og ph.d.-stipendiat Susann Holmberg ved IAKH bidrar i ny publikasjon om kunnskapens historie.

Scan av boka si forside.

Forsidefoto: Nordic Academic Press

Kunnskapshistorie har siden tusenårsskiftet vokst frem som en egen historiefaglig retning. I boken Cirulation of Knowledge – Explorations in the History of Knowledge presenteres tolv nye empiriske studier innenfor det kunnskapshistoriske feltet. Sandmo har i tillegg til forfatter­bidrag også bidratt som redaktør. Utgivelsen er en open access-publikasjon og har sitt utspring i det nordiske forsker­nettverket New History of Knowledge

Fra forlagets beskrivelse:

Historians have long been interested in know­ledge – its nature and origin, and the circum­stances under which it was created – but it has only been in recent years that the history of knowledge has emerged as an academic field in its own right.

In "Circulation of Knowledge", a group of Nordic scholars explore a range of theoretical and methodological approaches to this new and exciting area of historical research. The question of knowledge in motion is central to their investigations, and especially how knowledge is transformed when it circulates between different societal arenas, literary genres, or forms of media.

Reflecting on twelve empirical studies, from sixteenth­ century cartography to sexology in the 1970s, the authors make a significant contribution to the growing international research on the history of knowledge.

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