J�n Vidar Sigurdsson, Professor in History


Born 1958 in Hafnarfj�r�ur. Graduated from H�sk�li �slands 1984 (B.A. in history and Icelandic literature), cand. philol. University of Bergen 1987, dr. art University of Bergen 1993. 1.1.1995 Associate Professor, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, 1.8.2006 Professor, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History. Director of the Centre for Viking and Medieval Studies 1.8.2002-31.12.2004.

Fields of Interest

- Political and religious history of Norway and Iceland 800-1300

- Medieval Icelandic and Norwegian literacy

- Establishment of local communities in Norway and Iceland 800-1300

- Social differences

Ongoing Projects

- Relationships between Norway and Iceland, 900-1400

- Development of guild-institutions in Norway and Iceland

- The king?s ideology in Norway and Iceland in the 12th century

- Theft of women in Iceland ca. 1100-1300