Ingrid Halland

Research Fellow
Image of Ingrid Halland
Room 511
Visiting address Georg Morgenstiernes hus

Academic interests

architecture & design history, art theory, cybernetics, ontology, philosophy of technology, post-modernism, ecology, plastics, environmental history, post-structuralism, speculative realism, exhibition theroy


Error Earth: Displaying Deep Cybernetics in "The Universitas Project" and Italy: The New Domestic Landscape,1972 (defended June 2018)


Fall 2018: KUN2500/4500 - Current Topics in Art History: "Art and Criticism in the Anthropocene" 

Research website for art history and criticism: Oslo Form Lab

Spring 2018: KUN2201/4201 - Design Culture: Ten Things


Art Consultant & Curator at International Corporate Art, 2012-2014

Master's degree in art history/museology, University of Oslo, 2010-2012. MA thesis: Utstillingsreform : En studie av Jens Thiis og Hans Dedekams utstillingsstrategier for kunstindustrimuseer 1895-1905. [The Exhibition Reform: Jens Thiis and Hans Dedekam's Strategies of Display for Applied Arts Museums, 1895-1905]    


Winner of Design History Society's Essay Prize 2016 for the essay Designs on our Ultimate Environment: Gruppo 9999, Superstudio and the New Ontological Landscape.


Tags: Design og arkitektur, Art theory, Museums and Museology, Art History, Aesthetics, art historical methodology, Ontologi include:publications: Illegal character in query at index 98: Halland&maksantall=100&utplukk=nyeste
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