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Academic interests

  • Design History
  • Art history
  • Environmental Humanities
  • STS
  • Post Humanism
  • New Materialism 
  • Critical animal studies
  • Nature/Culture


My Ph.D. project is an infrastructural critique of fishways as design interventions in ecosystem processes. By zeroing in on the types of aesthetic experiences that are being mediated by fishways as well as discussing how they operate in fragmented ecosystem processes, this Ph.D. project broadens the understanding of what type of objects are suitable for aesthetic and visual analysis. In this project, three different fishways from the 1950s til today are read within a framework of "grey ecology" - an eco-theory which questions binary logic and dichotomies -  in order to question how fishways blurr sharp distinctions between nature and culture, the human and the more-than-human, and the rural and urban.


MA in art history from the University of Oslo. 


  • The Norwegian Researcher School in Environmental Humanities (NoRS-EH)
  • Oslo School of Environmental Humanities
  • Design History Society





Tags: Design History, Environmental Humanities, Art History, Animals and Materiality, Nature/Culture, Ecocriticism, Sustainability, Design og arkitektur
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