Panagiotis Farantatos

Academic Interests

Modern architecture, historiography, history of proportional systems, domesticity, sexuality and architectural space, peripheral modernisms, Mediterranean studies

Doctoral Thesis

Molding the Modulor. The Inception of the Modulor in Light of Le Corbusier's Theoretical, Creative and Professional Activity 1920–1950


The dissertation discusses the Modulor, a measuring tool based on an idealized human stature of 1.83 m and two series of Fibonacci numbers, launched by Le Corbusier after WWII, basically through two publications: Le Modulor (1950) and Modulor 2 (1955). The thesis deconstructs the mythopoetic narratives provided within the books written by Le Corbusier, and presents the origins, as well as the several transformations of the system, since its first emergence during WWII, until the publication of Le Modulor

Teaching experience

08 / 2019- Responsible for the MA / BA course KUN2140 / KUN4140 International History and Theory of Architecture , 20th Century, IFIKK, UiO.

08/2019-                  Main supervision of one Bachelor Thesis, IFIKK, UiO

02/2019-06/2019     Co-responsible for the MA/BA course KUN2135/KUN4135 19V Arkitekturens presentasjonsformer: Tegning, modell, fotografi og media, IFIKK, UiO.

09/2009 - 09/2010   Assisting Lecturer, School of Architecture, NTUA. Assistant to P.Tournikiotis (History and Theory 5, History and Theory 6, History and Theory 7, Special Topics in Architectural Theory) and V. Ganiatsas (Design Studio 9)


2010  Postgraduate Specialization Master, "Design - Space – Culture". School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens

2005  Faculty of Architecture, CVUT, Prague, Czech Republic, 2005

2007   Diploma in Architecture Engineering. School of Architecture, NTU At hens

Other professional activity

2007 - 2016     Panagiotis  Farantatos, Architectural Studio, Athens, Greece




Tags: Architecture, Modern, Art history, 20th Century


Farantatos, P. (2020, forthcoming). "Le poids du monde: pour une rehabilitation de Thanos Tsingos" in P. Tournikiotis & F. Loyer (eds.) Volume collectif, Athènes-Paris 1945-1975. Du Mataroa à la Dictature. Paris Architecture , Paris : Ecole Française d'Athènes (French)  

Farantatos, P. (2015) "Postface in the Greek edition" in Le Corbusier, Le Modulor & Modulor 2 , Athens: Papasotiriou Editions, 2015. Translated to Greek by Alkistis Costavara-Paparriga. Edited by Panagiotis Farantatos. (Greek)

Farantatos, P. (2013). "Entre Orient et Occident: L'Autre Grece" in Volume collections, XVIIth Rencontre de la Foundation Le Corbusier, Le Voyage d'Orient 1911-2011 , Paris: FLC / Editions de la Villette. (French)

Farantatos, P. (2012). "Voyage d'Orient: Berlin - Brindisi" in Marida Talamona (ed.), L'Italia di Le Corbusier: 1907-1965, Rome: ELECTA / MAXXI. (Italian)


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