Joona Räsänen

Doctoral Research Fellow
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Room GM 513

Academic interests

I am a Finnish bioethicist and moral philosopher working at the University of Oslo in a project on epigenetics and bioethics of human embryonic development. My research interests are in applied philosophy and bioethics. My work has appeared in the Journal of Medical Ethics, Theoria, Bioethics, Ratio, American Journal of Bioethics, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics and Medicine, Health Care & Philosophy as well as popular venues such as online magazine Aeon.

I have served as a co-quest editor for the special issue at Bioethics on the topic of ethics of ectogenesis (artificial wombs). 

During the winter of 2018-2019, I was a visiting researcher at the Department of Management Studies at Aalto University, Helsinki. In the fall of 2020, I was a visiting researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Tampere University, Finland.

I regularly review papers for philosophy and bioethics journals. If you are a journal editor and need a referee for manuscripts please feel free to contact me.


I hold a Master’s degree in Social and Moral Philosophy from the University of Helsinki and a Master’s degree in Geography from the University of Oulu.


Tags: Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics


Räsänen, Joona. & Smajdor, Anna. (forthcoming). The complex case of Ellie Anderson Journal of Medical Ethics

Räsänen, Joona. & Louhiala, Pekka. (forthcoming). Should acknowledgments in published academic articles include gratitude for reviewers who reviewed for journals that rejected those articles? Theoria

Räsänen, Joona. (forthcoming). Twin pregnancy, fetal reduction and the 'all or nothing problem'. Journal of Medical Ethics

Räsänen, Joona. (2021). Age and ageing: what do they mean? Ratio 34(1): 33–43.

Räsänen, Joona. (2021). Liberal utilitarianism – yes, but for whom? Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 30(2):368–375.

Räsänen, Joona. (2020). Saving the babies or the elderly in a time of crisis? American Journal of Bioethics 20(7): 180–182.

Räsänen, Joona. (2020). Age change in healthcare settings: a reply to Lippert-Rasmussen and Petersen. Journal of Medical Ethics 46(9): 636–637.

Räsänen, Joona. (2020). Against the impairment argument: a reply to Hendricks. Bioethics 34(8): 862–864.

Räsänen, Joona. (2020). Schrödinger’s Fetus. Medicine, Health Care & Philosophy 23:125–130.

Räsänen, Joona. (2019). Further defence of legal age change: a reply to the critics. Journal of Medical Ethics 45(7): 471–472.

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Räsänen, Joona. (2018). Why pro‐life arguments still are not convincing: a reply to my critics. Bioethics 32(9): 628–633. doi: 10.1111/bioe.12502

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