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Room 643
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 Georg Morgenstiernes hus 0313 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1020 Blindern 0315 Oslo

Academic interests

My main research interests are in the philosophies of mathematics and logic, in mathematical logic and in the philosophy of science. A common theme in my philosophical and mathematical research is the comparison and evaluation of a variety of approaches (philosophical and/or formal) to the concept of set, with a particular focus on concepts of set which are computational or operational. My current work is especially on predicative and constructive approaches to mathematics. A long-term project is to clarify the differences between distinct proposals that have emerged in this context. My approach to these questions gives central role to the mathematical practice and to philosophical questions that arise directly from it.

See also my personal website.

Current Project

I am presently Researcher in the project Infinity and Intensionality: Towards a New Synthesis, funded by the Research Council of Norway.

I was previously Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellow, with a project founded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme, Grant agreement: 838445. The project's title is: Infinity in Mathematics: A Philosophical analysis of Critical Views of Infinity


Invited speaker at AILA 2022, Caserta, 12-15 September 2022.

Invited speaker at the Special Session on Philosophy of Mathematics, Logic Colloquium 2022, Reykjavik, Iceland, 27 June - 1 July 2022.

Co-Organiser of Engineering the Concept of Collection, Oslo, 20-21 June 2022. 

Invited at Workshop on Reverse Mathematics and its Philosophy, University of Chicago Center in Paris, France and Online, June 13-17, 2022.

Invited speaker, Proof and Computation 2022, Kloster Schlehdorf, Germany, 30 May - 2 June 2022.

Invited speaker, Philosophical Roots of Mathematical Logic, Turin, Italy, April 4-6, 2022.

Invited speaker, Séminaire « Infini mathématique », Université de Paris, France, 10 March 2022.

Invited speaker, Logic for the Friendship of Nations, 14 January 2022 (Online).

Co-organiser of Weyl 2021, 8-10 December, 2021 (Online). 

Invited at Dagsthul Seminar on Geometric Logic, Constructivisation, and Automated Theorem Proving, Dagsthul Castle, Germany, 21 – 26 November 2021. 

Co-organiser of Countabilism Workshop, 10 November, 2021 (Online).

Keynote speaker at Computability in Europe 2021, 5-9 July 2021 (Online).

Keynote speaker at Sixth International Meeting of the Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, 30 June – 3 July, 2021 (Online).

Co-organizer of the workshop Critical Views of Infinity, 15-16 June 2021 (Online).

Invited speaker at Type theory, constructive mathematics, and geometric logic, Luminy, France, May 2021 (postponed to May 2023).

Invited speaker at Logic and Philosophy of Science seminar, University of Florence, Italy, 21 April 2021 (Online).

Co-organizer of the Workshop on Predicativity, 9 April 2021 (Online).

Invited talk (joint with Øystein Linnebo) at Varieties of potentialism, 23 September 2020 (Online).

Invited speaker at Generative approaches to properties, Oxford, UK, 7-8 July 2020 (postponed).

Speaker at Taking stock, Oslo, 16 June 2020 (Online).

Invited tutorial speaker at Proofs Computation and Meaning, Tübingen, Germany, 20-21 March 2020 (postponed).

Speaker at 5th International Meeting of the APMP, Zurich, Switzerland, 18-21 January 2020.

Speaker at Mathematical Logic Seminar, University of Oslo, 26 September 2019.

Keynote speaker at Philosophy of mathematics and Proof Theory, Second International Workshop of The Proof Society, Swansea, UK, 11-13 September 2019.

Invited speaker at Second-order logic and the question of (im)predicativity, Oslo, 20-21,  August 2019.

Speaker at Computability in Europe (CiE), Durham, UK, 15-19 July 2019.


I received my first PhD from the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds (2000), with a thesis on the proof theory of constructive set theory. I subsequently held Postdoctoral positions at the Mathematics Institute LMU Munich, the Philosophy Department, University of Florence and the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds. In 2017, I completed a second PhD at the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science, University of Leeds, with a thesis on the philosophy of Constructive and Predicative mathematics. In the academic years 2017-18 and 2018-19 I was Teaching Fellow at the Department of Philosophy, University of Birmingham. 


Tags: Philosophy


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