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Ole Martin Moen (b. 1985) is a Researcher in Philosophy and Principal Investigator for "What should not be bought and sold?", a 5-year project funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Moen holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from University of Oslo, and has earlier been an academic visitor at University of California at Berkeley and University of Oxford. His doctoral dissertation (2013) was a defense of a hedonistic theory of intrinsic value.

Moen's popular articles have appeared in ForbesThe IndependentWashington TimesAftenpostenMorgenbladet, et.al., and he is author of Essayskriving - kort og klart (Høyskoleforlaget, 2011) and Aktiv dødshjelp - etikk ved livets slutt . His academic articles can be viewed below.

Moen does not teach the current semester, but advises a number of MA students working in ethics. Moen has earlier taught Introduction to philosophy (EXPHIL03) and Intermediary applied ethics (FIL2302) at University of Oslo.

Moen is a regular participant at Verdibørsen at NRK P2.

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Tags: Philosophy

Selected publications

“The Unabomber’s Ethics”
Bioethics 33 (2) 2019: 223–229

“Pedophilia and Computer-Generated Child Pornography”
Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Public Policy. David Boonin, ed. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. Co-authored with Aksel Braanen Sterri

“An Argument for Intrinsic Value Monism”
Philosophica 44 (4) 2016:1375–85

An Argument for Hedonism”
Journal of Value Inquiry 50 (2) 2016: 267–281

“Checking People Out”
Philosophers Take on the World. David Edmonds (ed.), Oxford University Press, 2016: 122-24

“Smarter Babies”
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 25 (3) 2016: 515–517

“The Ethics of Wild Animal Suffering”
Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics 10 (1) 2016: 91–104

“Bright New World”
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 25 (2) 2016: 282–287

“Paying for Sex: Only for People With Disabilities?”
Journal of Medical Ethics 42 (1) 2016: 54-56. Co-authored with Brian Earp.

“The Case for Cryonics”
Journal of Medical Ethics 41 (8) 2015: 677–81

“Review: Peter Singer and Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek, ‘The Point of View of the Universe’”
Utilitas 27 (1) 2015: 115–17

“Hedonism Before Bentham”
Journal of Bentham Studies 17 (1) 2015: 1–18

“The Ethics of Pedophilia”
Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics 9 (1) 2015: 111–124

“Book review: Michael Huemer, ‘The Problem of Political Authority’”
Philosophical Quarterly 64 (256) 2014: 198–200

“Should We Give Money to Beggars?”
Think 13 (37) 2014: 73–76

“Prostitution and Sexual Ethics: A Reply to Westin”
Journal of Medical Ethics 40 (2) 2014: 88

“Prostitution and Harm: A Reply to Anderson and McDougall”
Journal of Medical Ethics 40 (2) 2014: 84–85

“Is Prostitution Harmful?”
Journal of Medical Ethics 40 (2) 2014: 73–81. Feature article.

“Slutten på mennesket slik vi kjenner det”
Samtiden 4 2014: 126-132

“The Unity and Commensurability of Pleasures and Pains”
Philosophia 41 (2) 2013: 527–543

“Bokanmeldelse: Morten Magelssen, ‘Menneskeverd i klinikk og politikk'”
Norsk filosofisk tidsskrift 48 (3-4) 2013: 315–317

“Åpenhet om eget livssyn overfor elever”
Religion og livssyn 2 2013: 68–72

“Is Life the Ultimate Value? A Reassessment of Ayn Rand’s Ethics”
Reason Papers 32 (2) 2012: 84–116.

“Cosmetic Surgery”
Think 11 (31) 2012: 73–79 

“Book review: Jan Narveson, ‘This is Ethical Theory’”
Journal of Value Inquiry 45 (3) 2011: 337–41

Essayskriving – kort og klart
Høyskoleforlaget [Norwegian Academic Press], 2011.

“Innledende essay”
Statsmakens grenser by Wilhelm von Humboldt. Andreas Harald Aure (ed.). Oslo: Unipub, 2011: 8–28

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