Assertion - new Philosophical Essays

Assertion: New Philosophical Essays (Oxford University Press, 2011) edited by Jessica Brown and Herman Cappelen.

Assertion is a fundamental feature of language.This volume will be the place to look for anyone interested in current work on the topic. Philosophers of language and epistemologists join forces to elucidate what kind of speech act assertion is, particularly in light of relativist views of truth, and how assertion is governed by epistemic norms.


Jessica Brown, University of St Andrews

Herman Cappelen, University of St Andrews and University of Oslo

Sanford Goldberg, Northwestern University

Patrick Greenough, University of St Andrews

Max Kölbel, University of Barcelona

Jonathan L. Kvanvig, Baylor University

Jennifer Lackey, Northwestern University

John MacFarlane, University of California, Berkeley

Ishani Maitra, Rutgers University

Peter Pagin, University of Stockholm

Robert Stalnaker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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