Addiction, Choice & Responsible Agency (completed)

Addiction is a major challenge conceptually and socially. Conceptually it raises the paradox of why some people act destructively and contrary to their own expressed will. Socially it is challenging because addiction to smoking, alcohol, gambling and illegal drugs causes much suffering.

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At the centre of our approach to addiction will be a set of conceptual and theoretical issues that lies at the intersection between economics, philosophy and psychology. A unifying research theme is what it is about addiction, if anything, that produces impaired autonomy and diminished responsibility, and what policy implications, if any, this should have for issues related to e.g., addicts' capability to give informed consent, the use of force in treatment of addiction, and more generally, the relevance of considerations of harm and paternalistic intervention in society's reactions to addictive behaviour.


The project "Addiction, Choice and Responsible Agency" commenced in the spring 2009. CSMN received funding for the project from Norwegian Research Council (NRC) in November, allowing us to add Edmund Henden to our team of researchers.


Since 2011 the project is intgrated and funded by the EU cooperation project ALICE RAP (Addictions and Lifestyles in Contemporary Europe – Reframing Addictions Project) with more than 40 partners and 100 reserachers.

The project is funded by RCN and hosted by Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature.




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