Philosophy and Life Science Research Group

The Philosophy and Life Science Research Group brings together researchers who work at the intersection of philosophy and the life sciences broadly conceived.

About the group

In this area philosophy interacts with molecular, evolutionary, and computational biology, ethology, genetics, systems biology, synthetic biology, nano-medicine, reproductive medicine, neuroscience, cognitive and clinical psychology, and linguistics.

Examples of research topics are the nature of attention, perception, cognition, and consciousness, children’s ability to use and understand figurative meaning, addiction, the mental representations and innate systems involved in language and communication, animal and human agency, causation and explanation in the study of complex living systems, the gene concept, evidence-based medicine, and reproductive ethics.


The group serves as a unit for research cooperation and organisation, for organising seminars and workshops, and for initiating new projects at the interface of philosophy and life sciences. It is involved in fostering exchange between researchers in philosophy who are interested in the life sciences, as well as life science researchers who are interested in interaction with philosophy. Current interactions span from involvement in concrete experimental research to the investigation of values involved in life science research.



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