Philosophy and medicine

In this subgroup researchers work on aspects of human life and flourishing that intersect medical, philosophical and ethical concerns. We focus on addiction and whether addictive behaviors can be both chosen, and thereby in some sense rational, and at the sametime be expressive of disorder or disease. Furthermore, we are interested in evaluative and normative aspects of key concepts in medicine (e.g. disease, cancer, death), and in how values shape priorities in medical research.

Key publications

  • Gjelsvik, O. and Henden, E. (forthcoming). What is wrong with the brains of addicts? Neuroethics.  
  • Henden, E., Melberg, H. O., and Rogeberg, O. (2013). Addiction: choice or compulsion?. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 4, 77.
  • Strand, Anders (forthcoming) Values in nano-medical research: A discussion based on the NANOCAN project on nanoparticles in cancer therapy and diagnosis, NanoEthics.

Research Projects

  • Personal Autonomy, Addiction and Mental Disorder (FRIHUMSAM 213064, 2012-2016)


Edmund Henden, Carl Tollef Solberg, Anders Strand

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