Philosophy, linguistics and cognitive psychology

This subgroup covers:

  1. investigations into how - and to what extent - representational states and processes are involved in tacit grammatical knowledge, pre-conscious utterance interpretation and perceptual processing.
  2. Experimental work on how children acquire their communicative language capacities, with a focus on figurative language capacities as well as - and connected to - how children develop an understanding of belief.

Key Publications

  • Falkum, I. L., Recasens, M. & Clark, E. 2017. The moustache sits down first: On the acquisition of metonymy. Journal of Child Language. 44(1), pp 87-119. Published online January 2016.
  • Smith, N. V. & Allott, N. (2016). Chomsky: Ideas and Ideals (3rd ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


I. L. Falkum, F. Köder, P. Rubio-Fernandez, N. Allott, B. Ramberg,

Research Projects


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