Practical Philosophy - Annual Workshop

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Venue: Georg Morgenstiernes Hus, room 452, Blindern, University of Oslo


Friday November 26, 2021


10:00-10:15 Coffee and Welcome


10:15-11:00 Bjorn Sether Wastvedt (University of Arizona/ UiO)  

"Care ethics as humanized virtue theory"


11:00-11:15 Break


11:15-12:00 Anne-Sofie Greisen Højlund (Aarhus University)

“The Wrongs and Remedies of Political Inequality”


12:00-13:00 Lunch


13:00-13:45 Joona Räsänen (UiO)  

“What is personality discrimination and is it morally wrong?”


13:45-14:00 Break


14:00-14:45 Jens Jørund Tyssedal (Aarhus University)  

“Overcoming the problem of work: Why liberal-egalitarianism is not enough”


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