Practical Philosophy Webinar: Anne-Sofie Greisen Højlund

Anne Sofie Greisen Højlund, Aarhus University

Title: "Towards Testimonial Justice: The Case of Sexual Misconduct Accusations"

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Anne-Sofie Greisen Højlund, Aarhus University


How should testimonial injustice be understood and what can be done politically to counteract it in the context of sexual misconduct accusations? A common response to sexual misconduct accusations is to cast doubt on the credibility of the speaker—even in the absence of good reason. Building on central elements of relational egalitarianism, this paper scrutinizes such undue credibility assessment as a case of failure to relate to others as epistemic equals. It argues that this is objectionable in and of itself and because it typically leaves people worse off in terms of protecting their rights and interests. Distinguishing between policies targeting the individual and institutional level, the paper suggests promoting epistemic recognition respect through civic education programs; reforming the standards for what counts as evidence for or against the credibility of a testifier to sexual misconduct; and implementing a system of external controls and sanctions to check the practice of dealing with accusations of sexual misconduct in the criminal justice system.


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