Practical Philosophy Seminar: Kerstin Reibold

Kerstin Reibold (Arctic University of Norway), "Climate Change and Indigenous Rights"

***Please note the unusual time! Join us in Zoom.

Abstract: Indigenous peoples are one of the most vulnerable groups worldwide. Climate change threatens to impose even greater harm on them in the future. Many indigenous lands will become unusable and the ecological systems that they have relied on will shift or be destroyed. In other cases, indigenous land will become even more valuable because of its carbon sequestration capacity, its biodiversity, and its other natural resources. This increase in value will heighten the pressure on indigenous land and resource rights. In my talk, I will think about these challenges within two frameworks: global welfare egalitarianism and indigenous treaty ecologies. I will ask whether these two approaches to land and resource rights are compatible, where there are frictions, and which solutions they can offer for the question of indigenous rights under conditions of climate change.

Published Apr. 6, 2020 11:33 AM - Last modified Apr. 21, 2020 9:51 AM