Participants in Practical Philosophy Group

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Kim Angell
Andreas Brekke Carlsson Associate Professor +47 22841065
Lars Christie Associate Professor Philosophy
Jakob Elster Associate Professor +47 22845530 human rights, ethics, political philosophy, bioethics, research ethics, autonomy
Christel Fricke Professor +47 22844140 Philosophy
Andreas Føllesdal Professor +47 99235002
Cathrine Holst Professor + 47 22 85 88 89 +47 41528831 Democracy, Expertise, European integration, Political theory, Gender policy, Feminist Theory
Robert Huseby Professor +47 22855189 Political theory, Distributive justice, Climate ethics
Sigurd Lindstad
Reidar Kiljan Maliks Professor +47 22858002 Philosophy
Alejandra Mancilla Professor +47 22841677 Philosophy, Political philosophy, Ethics, History of ideas, Environmental philosophy, Environmental Humanities, human rights
Grethe Netland
Tor Otterholt Senior Lecturer
Joona Räsänen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856721 Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics
Maria Seim Doctoral Research Fellow
Anna Smajdor Associate Professor +47 22857546 Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics, Reproduction
Aksel Sterri
Caj Sixten Strandberg Professor +47 22844833 Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics, Normative Theories
Ingvild Torsen Associate Professor +47 22857850 Philosophy, Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Continental Philosophy, Heidegger, Hegel, Kant, Tragedy
Franco Trivigno Professor +47 22844443 +97 22 84 44 43 Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Ethics
Johan Vorland Wibye Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22859464
Yelena Yermakova Doctoral Research Fellow Political Philosophy, Public Policy, Polar Regions, Climate Change, Sovereignty, Territorial Rights, Antarctica