Practical Philosophy Seminar

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays from 12:15 to 13:00 (although the room is booked until 14:00 if more time is needed), in Georg Morgenstiernes hus, 4th floor, room 452 (unless noted otherwise). The seminar is an arena where the members of the Practical Philosophy Group can get feedback on work-in-progress, give a talk or discuss topics of common interest.

Presenters are expected to submit a title and a short abstract at least a week in advance. Those who want to send out a paper for read ahead must distribute it to the list the Wednesday before the presentation/discussion on the following Tuesday, but they should not assume that everyone in the audience has read it beforehand.

The slots are open for the Practical Philosophy Seminar during the Fall 2019. If you want to sign up (and we encourage you to do so!) please send an email either to Grethe Netland ( or Alejandra Mancilla (

Fall 2019

17.09       Chris Armstrong (University of Southampton)

24.09       Alejandra Mancilla

01.10       Høstferie

08.10       Yelena Yermakova

15.10       Attila Tanyi (University of Tromsø)

22.10       Christel Fricke

29.10      Joona Räsänen

05.11       Grethe Netland

12.11      Anna Smajdor

21-22.11  Annual workshop

Spring 2019

Tuesday 29 January

- Carlos Joly: "Sustainability and the Human Right to Life: on Collision Course?"

Tuesday 5 February - Mathias Slottholm Sagdahl: "Melancholy as Responding to Reasons"

Tuesday 12 February - Jakob Elster: "Autonomy in political philosophy"

Tuesday 19 Februray - No Meeting (the schools' Winter break)

Tuesday 26 February - Alejandra Mancilla, "Superseding white colonialism"

Tuesday 5 March - Anna Smajdor, TBA

Tuesday 12 March - Yelena Yermakova, TBA

Tuesday 19 March - Jesse Tomalty (University of Bergen)

Tuesday 26 March - Jahel Queralt Lange (Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Tuesday 2 April - Lars Christie

Tuesday 9 April - Aksel Sterri

Tuesday 16 April - No Meeting (Easter Holiday)

Tuesday 23 April - Maria Seim

Tuesday 30 April - No Meeting ("inneklemt" day)

Tuesday 7 May - Clare Heyward (Arctic University of Norway)

Tuesday 14 May - Einar Duenger Bøhn: The Moral Turing Test

Tuesday 21 May - Antoinette Scherz

Tuesday 28 May - Alice Pinheiro-Walla (University of Bayreuth)


Fall 2018

Tuesday 11 September

Tuesday 25 September

Tuesday 23 October - Alejandra Mancilla, IFIKK, UiO

Tuesday 6 November - Sigurd Lindstad, Department of Political Science, UiO

Tuesday 20 November - Jakob Elster, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, UiO

Tuesday 4 December - Søren Wenstøp

Tuesday 11 December - Hallvard Sandven, Oxford University


Spring 2018

Tuesday 13 February - Cancelled

Tuesday 27 February - Cancelled

Tuesday 13 March - Christel Fricke - IFIKK, UiO

Tuesday 17 April - Lars Christie, Oxford University

Tuesday 24 April - Antoinette Scherz, PluriCourts, UiO

Tuesday 8 May - Søren Wenstøp, BI/HiØF. Paper: "Getting a naturalistic grip on normativity"

Tuesday 29 May - Ainar Miyata-Sturm, HiOA. Paper (working title): "Nudging and Manipulation"

Tuesday 12 June - Cancelled


Fall 2017

No seminars.


Spring 2017

Tuesday 28 February - Andreas Brekke Carlsson, Researcher, ConceptLab, UiO. Working title: Attributivity and Shame 

Tuesday 14 March - Lars Christie, Researcher, ConceptLab, UiO.

Tuesday 28 March - Miniworkshop on ethics and war - NB from 09:30 to 14:00:

Tuesday 25 April - Cancelled

Tuesday 9 May - Jakob Elster, Associate Professor, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, UiO

Tuesday 23 May - Carl Tollef Solberg, PhD fellow at UiB and guest researcher at UiO/CSMN. Working title: "Re-Conceptualizing Outcomes in Global Health" 


Fall 2016

Tuesday 20 September - Ole Martin Moen, postdoc at IFIKK/CSMN, UiO

Tuesday 11 October - Knut Olav Skarsaune, postdoc at IFIKK

Tuesday 1 November -

Tuesday 15 November - Sigurd Lindstad, PhD fellow at Departement of Political Science, UiO

Tuesday 13 December - Kim Angell, postdoc at Department of Political Science, UiO

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