Oslo Mind Group Seminar: Erlend Owesen, Does the Brain Think?

We will be discussing a draft of ‘Does the Brain Think?’ by Erlend Owesen.

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It is commonplace in cognitive science to ascribe psychological predicates to the brain, i.e. to assert that the brain sees, feels, thinks, etc. This has prompted philosophical debate. On one view, the relevant locutions of cognitive scientists are nonsensical (Bennett and Hacker 2003, 2007). On a different view, they make perfect sense and report empirical truths about brains (Dennett 2007; Crane 2015; Figdor 2017, 2018). In this paper, I propose a novel view on which cognitive scientists’ locutions are figurative, with ‘brain’ referring to the human being. I compare it to other views and argue that it is a plausible alternative.

How to attend

This is a read-ahead seminar and will take place via Zoom. All are welcome to attend (Zoom login required).

The meeting link, along with a copy of the paper to be discussed, will be made available in advance via the Oslo Mind Group Team, which is open to all University of Oslo members, or upon request from the organizer for non-UiO users (see below).


Keith Wilson
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