Oslo Mind Group Seminar: Joey Pollock, Do testimonial exchanges preserve content?

Talk by Joey Pollock, Do testimonial exchanges preserve content?

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The dominant view of the semantic dimension of testimony maintains both that (a) successful testimonial exchanges (either always or typically) preserve content and (b) the contents so preserved are rich enough to serve as appropriate objects of testimonial knowledge. In this talk, I draw on considerations from the debate between minimalists and Relevance Theorists in philosophy of language to argue that no notion of content can play both of these roles simultaneously. Thus, we must accept that testimonial exchanges are not often content preserving: the content that the hearer recovers is not (often) the same as the content that the speaker expressed.

How to attend

This is a read-ahead seminar. The meetings have an hybrid format. We meet in person in GM 452 and digitally on Zoom (Zoom login required).

The meeting link, along with a copy of the paper to be discussed, will be made available in advance via the mailing list.


Mirela Fus and Francesca Secco
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