Workshop: On its 60th birthday, is the Antarctic Treaty in good health?

What is the status of the Antarctic Treaty 60 years after its entry into force? This workshop is part of the Political Philosophy Looks to Antarctica project.

Photo credit: Pablo Ruiz, Instituto Antártico Chileno.

About the workshop

In this two-day workshop, we critically interrogate the Antarctic Treaty System and its capacity to confront present and future challenges like the aforementioned climate change, the growing pressure from some countries to lift the prohibition on mining imposed by the Protocol, and the latent but not forgotten territorial claims. Does the ATS have the tools to tackle these challenges successfully? What aspects are in need of revision (if any)? What is improvable regarding its structure and functioning? Historians, legal scholars, archeologists, environmental experts and philosophers from four continents meet in this workshop to ask these questions and reflect upon them.

This workshop is part of the Political Philosophy Looks to Antarctica project. It is sponsored by The Oslo School of Environmental Humanities and The Research Council of Norway. 

If you would like to attend, please send an email to

Preliminary program

Thursday 10th of October

09.15-09.30 Welcome
09.30-10.20 Lize-Marie van der Watt
10.30-11.20 Julia Jabour, “Is the Antarctic Treaty Customary International Law: How will we know?”
11.20-11.50 COFFEE BREAK
11.50-12.45 Alejandra Mancilla
12.45-13.45 LUNCH
13.45-14.35 Ximena Senatore
14.45-15.35 Øyvind Stokke
15.35-18:00 Visit to FRAM Museum (optional)
19.00 DINNER

Friday 11th of October

09.15-10.05  Yelena Yermakova
10.15-11.05 Kees Bastmeijer
11.05-11.20 COFFEE BREAK 
11.20-12.10 Peder Roberts
12.20-13.10 Li Xueping
13.10-14.00 LUNCH 
14.00-14.50 Cara Nine
14.50-15.10 COFFEE BREAK 
15.10-16.00 Ricardo Roura
16.10-17.00 Wrap-up and goodbye
17.00-17.45 Meeting of the project’s members


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