´Human Body and Identity in Greek Philosophy and Culture´

The Norwegian Institute, Athens, 8-9 October 2022

How did ancient thinkers understand the identity of the body? How did their concepts of a human being relate to their view of the human body? In what ways  did the body enter into ancient conceptions of who we (really) are? For example, is the unity of the body (again synchronically or diachronically) a precondition of our identity as a certain human being? And if, as many ancient thinkers thought, the soul plays a role in defining who we are, how does this role relate to that of the body? While ancient philosophy will be central to this conference, the aim is also to place philosophical answers to such questions in the wider context of Greek art, medicine, and literature. 

With its location near the Acropolis, excellent facilities, and a track record for interdisciplinary work in Greek studies the Norwegian Institute in Athens is a fitting venue for this event.


Thomas Kjeller Johansen: t.k.johansen@ifikk.uio.no,  Eyjólfur Kjalar Emilsson: e.k.emilsson@ifikk.uio.no