Workshop on Predicativity

The aim of this workshop is to foster discussion on predicativity, especially, but not exclusively, on constructive predicativity from a number of perspectives.

This workshop is within the project Infinity in Mathematics: a Philosophical Analysis of Critical Views of InfinityThis project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 838445.   EU-flag


Speakers: Stewart Shapiro (Ohio, USA), Michael Rathjen (Leeds, UK), Giovanni Sambin (Padua, Italy), Maria Emilia Maietti (Padua, Italy), Øystein Linnebo (Oslo), Laura Crosilla (Oslo)

Schedule (all times are Oslo time, i.e. CET): 

12:50 Opening   

13:00 -- 13:50   Laura Crosilla: Predicativity as invariance

10 minutes break

14:00 -- 14:50  Giovanni Sambin: Predicativity from the perspective of dynamic constructivism  


15:15 -- 16:05  Maria Emilia Maietti: What discriminates  the Minimalist Foundation among predicative foundations for Bishop's constructive mathematics?

10 minutes break 

16:15 -- 17:05  Øystein Linnebo and Stewart Shapiro: Predicativism and potential totalities


17:30 -- 18:20  Michael Rathjen: Predicativity, polymorphism and function spaces

Organizers: Øystein Linnebo and Laura Crosilla

The workshop will take place via Zoom. Please write to for a Zoom-invite.


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