Prof. Rudolf Wachter on the new Pompeian wall inscriptions

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

At the next meeting of the Classics seminar Professor Rudolf Wachter (University of Basel/University of Lausanne) will give a lecture entitled: “«Pompejanische Wandinschriften» (Tusculum series, publ. autumn 2019): Glimpses at the latest, and last, results in the production of a new editio minor of Pompeian wall inscriptions”.

The Pompeian wall inscriptions give us a spectacular insight into everyday life of the early Roman empire. But alas, there is no short edition suitable both for academic purposes and a wider public. This gap will be closed shortly by a new «Tusculum» volume with a basic epigraphic and general commentary (and a German translation) for each one of some 1500 inscriptions covering all fields of interest: politics, amphitheatre, theatre, business, household, school, private messages (also rude ones), and – love, love, love, with all its façades. A special emphasis is laid on poetic texts, which partly are of surprising quality (and partly not at all). In this talk a choice of inscriptions will be presented whose understanding has been recently improved.

Professor Rudolf Wachter is the author of Altlateinische Inschriften: Sprachliche und epigraphische Untersuchungen zu den Dokumenten bis etwa 150 v. Chr. (Bern: Peter Lang, 1987) and Non-Attic Greek Vase Inscriptions (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001).

The seminar will take place in GM 452 on February 12, 16:15 and is open to all.



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