Federico Aurora on ancient writing cultures in the digital era

On March 9, Federico Aurora (University of Oslo) will speak on: "ENCODE-project. Spreading digital methods in Classics." All subscribers to the Classics Seminar list will receive a zoom link.

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The talk will present the international project "ENCODE Bridging the <gap> in ancient writing cultures, enhance competences in the digital era" (https://site.unibo.it/encode/en/). The
project's main aims are to promote the use of digital methods and tools in the preservation and study of ancient written texts and to establish a collaborative and shared platform for the
teaching and learning of the relevant competences.
The project is structured around a series of conferences and training workshops open
to both member institutions and external participants. The workshops will give participants
either introductory or advanced training in the use of different sets of digital methods and
tools applied to the study of ancient texts. The conferences will be an occasion for reflection
and exchange of experiences, with a special focus on learning and teaching.
The main objective of these activities, however, is to give theoretical material and
practical experience to support the ultimate goal of the project, that is the creation of an online set of open access resources: a reviewed, reasoned and updated database of teaching modules (basic and advanced, 5-10 ECTS) – completed with detailed guidelines and an introductory MOOC – and a network platform of researchers, students and institutions.
The University of Oslo takes part in ENCODE through the Humanities and Social
Sciences Library (HumSam) and a core group of participants across three departments
(IFIKK, ILN, IFI), but participation in its activities are open to interested faculty and students.


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