Yelena Baraz (Princeton University) on Lucan and Cicero

Join us on zoom for the first meeting of the Classics seminar in 2021. (The link will be circulated to the Classics seminar list; if you are not on the list but would like to receive an invitation please email the Classics seminar organizer.).  

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Apollonio di Giovanni - The Battle of Pharsalus and the Death of Pompey (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

On January 26, the Classics seminar welcomes our first speaker this Spring, Yelena Baraz, Kennedy Foundation Professor of Latin Language and Literature and Professor of Classics at Princeton University. Professor Baraz holds her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and has a made a name for herself as an authority on Cicero; she is the author of A Written Republic: The Cultural Politics of Cicero's Philosophy (2012), Reading Roman Pride (2020), and of many articles on Roman literature. 


Professor Baraz will speak on

Lucan’s Cicero: Dismembering a Legend


[Note that due to the pandemic restrictions, the talk will be held entirely on zoom. Please plan to have your cameras on, if possible.]


Boris Maslov
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