Margalit Finkelberg on Homer and Traditional Poetics

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Avdo Međedović and Homer

On October 1, Margalit Finkelberg, Professor Emerita of Classics  at Tel Aviv University, will present on "Homer and Traditional Poetics". 

The Homeric poems exhibit a coherent set of ideas relating to both theory and practice of poetry. These ideas closely correspond to those expressed by Southslavic traditional poets. Yet, while the Southslavic poets’ views are reflected in their practice, this is not so in the case of Homer: the Homeric poems do not conform to the view of poetry they overtly profess. This raises the question of whether the Iliad and the Odyssey can be considered traditional poems in the proper sense of the word.

Margalit Finkelberg is Professor of Classics (Emerita) at Tel Aviv University. She is the author of numerous studies on Homer and Greek epic tradition, including The Birth of Literary Fiction in Ancient Greece (1998) and Greeks and Pre-Greeks. Aegean Prehistory and Greek Heroic Tradition (2005), and the editor of the three-volume Homer Encyclopedia (2011). Professor Finkelberg is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the recipient of the Rothschild Prize in the Humanities for 2012. 


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