Thinking about Limits and Borders

The First Philosophical Conference on Borderology at the Barents Institute in Kirkenes, at Rica Hotel Kirkenes

Thursday, June 1st

Chairs: Christel Fricke/Camilla Serck-Hanssen, University of Oslo

Welcome by Urban Wråkberg, Research Director of the Barents Institute

0930 - 1130

John McDowell, University of Pittsburgh
"Sensory Consciousness in Kant and Sellars"

with Comments by Jennifer Church, Vassar College

1130 - 1200
Viggo Rossvaer, University of Tromsoe
"Kant as observer"


1400 - 1500

James Conant, University of Chicago
"McDowell & Kant on the Possibility of a
Non-Restrictive Conception of Subjectivity"

1500-1600: Discussion organized by Arnt Myrstad, University of Tromsoe

1600-1700: Lisa van Alstyne, University of Pittsburg
"What Aristotle and Kant Both Knew About the Law but Contemporary
Anglo-American Legal Theory Seems to Want to Forget"

Friday, June 2nd

Chairs: Christel Fricke/ Camilla Serck-Hanssen, University of Oslo

0900 - 1100

Otfried Hoeffe, Universität Tübingen
"Kant's Universal Cosmopolitism - a Philosophical Argument Against
Borders" with comments by Christel Fricke, Universitetet I Oslo

Carola von Villiez, Universität Bremen, Germany
"What's wrong with the world-state, Professor Kant?"

1100 - 1200
General discussion


1400 - 1500
Francoise Monnoyeur, St John's College,MD,USA
"The Starry Sky Above me and the Infinite Moral Law Inside Me".

1500 - 1700
Marcelo Stam, University of Tasmania
"Grenzgang or Treading the Boundary"



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