Conscience and Moral Self-Knowledge in Kant and German Idealism

According to Kant, your first duty to yourself and the “beginning of all human wisdom” is to know yourself (MM, 6:441). But what kind of knowledge is this, how can we attain it, and how is it relevant to our moral agency? Kant’s conception of the self and the subjective conditions for moral actions were challenged by subsequent thinkers like Fries, Fichte, and Hegel who identified alleged tensions in Kant’s account and proposed innovative solutions. The question about the relation between self-knowledge and morality is still subject to debate among scholars of Kant and German Idealism.


Thursday (August 20th):

09.00: Opening Remarks

09:30: Keynote Lecture:

Jeanine Grenberg: Self-Deception and Self-Knowledge:  A Kantian Account of Becoming a Moral Person

11.00: Coffee Break

11.15 Session I:

Martin Sticker: Ain’t no Party like a Third Party

Carsten Fogh Nielsen: On the very idea of a Kantian moral phenomenology

13.15 Lunch

14.15 Session II:

Laura Papish: Self-Deception, Evil, and Lack of Virtue

Markus Kohl: Radical Evil as a Regulative Idea

19.00 Dinner


Friday (August 21st):

09:00: Keynote Lecture:

Jens Timmermann: Kant’s Theory of Conscience – Open Questions

10.30: Coffee Break

10.45 Session III:

Carla Bagnoli: Kant on self-knowledge as practical knowledge

David Zapero: Kant on moral self-opacity

12.45 Lunch

13.45: Keynote Lecture:

Dean Moyar: Self-Certainty and Self-Blindness in Moral Judgment: Hegel’s Immanent Critique of Fichtean Conscience

15.15: Coffee

15.30: Session IV:

Irina Schumski: Can We Know What to Do without Knowing What We Are Doing? Unpacking Kant’s Opacity Thesis

Feroz Mehmood Shah: Kantian Conscience and the Threat of an Ethics of Conviction

19.00 Conference dinner


Saturday (August 22nd):

09.00: Session V:

Marijana Vujosevic: Kant on Moral Self-Control and Conscience

Jonas Jervell Indregard: A Self-Knowledge (Morally) Worth Having

11.00: Coffee and snacks

11.30: Session VI:

Ryan Wines: Respect for Law and Kant’s Causal Account of Moral Self-Consciousness

12.30 Lunch

13.30: Keynote Lecture:

Owen Ware: Fichte on Conscience

15.00: Concluding remarks


Jonas Jervell Indregard ( and Feroz Mehmood Shah (

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