Cara Nine on "Colonization and Territory as Moral Space"

We are very pleased to announce that Cara Nine, Senior Lecturer at University College Cork, will deliver a talk for Filosofisk seminar this semester. The seminar is open for everyone, and will be followed by an informal reception.

Portrait of Cara Nine (Photo: University College Cork).

Cara Nine (Photo: University College Cork).


In a recent article, Lea Ypi argues that territory is not morally relevant for understanding the wrongs of colonialism. Instead, Ypi defends a Kantian account of the wrongs of colonialism that prioritizes the duty to form political associations over any historical rights of territory. In this essay, I agree with Ypi’s claim that there is a duty to politically associate with others. Against Ypi, I argue that this duty can be overridden by existing political or moral commitments. In fact, territory itself can be a understood as a set of joint commitments that may override our duty to politically associate with others. In the course of making these arguments, I use theories developed by Margaret Gilbert and Samuel von Pufendorf.

About Cara Nine

Dr. Nine received her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Arizona and her BA in Philosophy from Carleton College. Her work mainly focuses on issues in justice and location, or how one's location (residence, territorial citizenship, etc) can affect what is owed to that person as a matter of justice. Her book, Global Justice and Territory (OUP 2012), won the American Philosophical Association Book Prize in 2013 and the Brian Farrell 2013 Book Prize, awarded by the Political Studies Association of Ireland. Some of Nine's current research looks at border and territorial rights theory, claims to the Antarctic and the Arctic, why particular places matter to us, cognitive structures embedded in particular locations and how place attachment should feature in theories of justice. From 2017-2020, she has been a partner on the Norwegian Research Council Project 'Political Theory Looks to Antarctica', lead by Alejandra Mancilla (Oslo).

About the seminar series

Philosophical Seminar is a philosophy colloquium series, hosted by the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at UiO. The departmental colloquium has previously hosted renowned philosophers such as Charles Taylor, Peter Railton,  Galen Strawson, Julia Annas, Martin Kusch, Stephen Darwall, Berit Brogaard, John Sallis, Robert B. Pippi, Serena Parekh and Laurie Paul.

The colloquia are open to everyone and followed by an open and informal reception on the third floor in the same building. Students are especially encouraged to attend, and all participants are invited to the reception afterwards.

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