Philosophical seminar: Dynamic Territory with Alejandra Mancilla

We are pleased announce the first Philosophical seminar of the semester, inviting you to celebrate and learn more about Alejandra Mancilla´s research project Dynamic Territory (DynamiTe), for which she was recently awarded the prestigious ERC starting grant. The seminar is open to everyone, and will be followed by a Q&A session.

Photo of Alejandra Mancilla
Photo: UiO

About Alejandra

Alejandra Mancilla is associate professor in practical philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo. She currently leads a three-year project entitled Political Philosophy Looks to Antarctica, which aims to look at key concepts and principles in political philosophy through the prism of the last uninhabited continent on earth. 

Alejandra was recently awarded the generous ERC starting grant from the European Research Council for the project Dynamic Territory: A Normative Framework for Territory in the Post-Holocene. The research project will develop a normative framework for territory in a world with rising sea levels, desertification, droughts, crop failure, floods and extreme weather events.

About the project

Climate change will disrupt current political, societal and economic paradigms.

  • How should we approach a fair territorial arrangement for countries that will partially or completely disappear due to sea level rise or whose main productive activities, like farming, will be lost due to changed weather patterns?
  • How will we consider locals and migrants in a world where climate refugees are estimated to reach up to one billion by 2050?
  • How should Global Systemic Resources like rainforests be governed to guarantee their maintenance?

DynamiTe aims to provide normative criteria to solve conflicts of interest around land and natural resources. The project will develop a novel framework for territory on a global scale, and reassess the traditional rights and duties associated with the ownership of land and natural resources.

About the seminar series

Philosophical Seminar is a philosophy colloquium series, hosted by the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at UiO. The departmental colloquium has previously hosted renowned philosophers such as Charles Taylor, Peter Railton, Galen Strawson, Julia Annas, Martin Kusch, Stephen Darwall, Berit Brogaard, John Sallis, Robert B. Pippin, Serena Parekh, Laurie Paul, Cara Nine and Finnur Dellsén.

The colloquia are open to everyone, and students of all levels are especially encouraged to attend. 


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